Fragmented Speech

/How can I form you, myself/

So much. 10/21/15 3:06AM

10/21/15 3:06AM

So much.

Their lips were never brighter than they had to be and their eyes made conversation of the sunsets. Two different worlds–nebulae– separated by the unknown, never to make contact.

We are all small ignorant unhatched eggs who don’t know how to eat our way out.

When the wind hit their hair in the right light, it appeared as if they were waving a white flag.

I would surrender myself to you.

If you love something–hold onto it–idiot.

I am on the moon when I see them. I can not breath, I can not speak, I am either too hot or too cold and I feel as if I could run fast enough to jump and leave the planet.

Their eyebrows always looked amazing to me and the shape of their face made metal melt. Like a super heated massive sphere, they influenced me, I drifted closer.

We are all monolithic vases, infinitely shattering and recombining ourselves with bad glue

Find me and them where the summer breeze just overtook spring and is chasing fall. I will be there. I will not miss it.

If you believe you only use 10% of your brain, then maybe you actually do–idiot.

I am floating in space, but every star is her. I still can not breath, I still can not speak, I am always floating towards him, faster and faster, until I am defleshed upon fiery impact

But it’s worth it.

Born Walking

blacktitle white

born walking

broken windows

beyond watching

borrowed wishes

bare witness

before wisdom

burned witches

time, no captial t

time does not wait around, stand by or stop

time isn’t something to hold onto or something to drop

time simply continues with a path and no end

time simply is just a mechanism, itself not to lend

friend or fiend it stops for no one

setting the moon and setting the sun

dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn

planting your garden and mowing your lawn

time doesn’t stop for individual people

it does but, only in their minds

you would get it if you weren’t older

some day you won’t understand

only left those behind

I promise to still hold their hand

Untitled IV
Untitled III

Untitled I


Man to Monster, Allow the Mongrel

From Man to Monster, allow the Mongrel

Place to place,

Devolving to dust,

A furious face, a mind of rust;

When confronted by Time,

Edict vanishes,

Hate turns crime ,

But society manages;

Thoughts of the old,

Intentions of the young,

Actions of the now,

The silent song is sung;

How we taught the young,

The inventions of the old,

They captain the now,

They must be told;

We must allow,

Them not become,

This Man to Monster,

Society, allow the Mongrel,


0 1 (Naught One)

The humor in humanity

Is in that it takes but one


One to keep our sanity

And One to keep us young


Taken by Calamity

One is turned to none

The days old unbroken

Darken to be dulled


And When she fades to mist and missed


I’ll be wishing to listen

Nay harken days of old


When I laid with her unbroken

Soul cold sold

Carried In Time

Information cycles itself

Thrown to the river by many


Some indulge in clever health

Some would treat as a penny


But many do value that of one

A small pence piece as such


A thought travels still indeed

Meaning twice as much


The next observer in ones kin

The thought in mind as such a pin


To be spoken and passed on again

Say again