by fragmentedspeech

It is so easy for me to feel close to Isak

he is expected to know what he is supposed to do

and how he is supposed to act at his age


but how?


he’s a doctor

he’s supposed to be so smart and wise

and a doctor for fifty years too?

but what does that have to do with how our hearts work?

i feel for him and us–humans–I really do

i fear that idea of loneliness for us–humans– too

it doesn’t matter how many people surround you


you can still be alone.


because being alone is not about having nobody around you

it’s about having nobody around you that understands you

it doesn’t matter what you amount to in life

or how much you may regret past actions

it’s important to never obsess over painful memories

and never obsess over who you were


and the most important grudge to give up

is one on yourself.