So much. 10/21/15 3:06AM

by fragmentedspeech

10/21/15 3:06AM

So much.

Their lips were never brighter than they had to be and their eyes made conversation of the sunsets. Two different worlds–nebulae– separated by the unknown, never to make contact.

We are all small ignorant unhatched eggs who don’t know how to eat our way out.

When the wind hit their hair in the right light, it appeared as if they were waving a white flag.

I would surrender myself to you.

If you love something–hold onto it–idiot.

I am on the moon when I see them. I can not breath, I can not speak, I am either too hot or too cold and I feel as if I could run fast enough to jump and leave the planet.

Their eyebrows always looked amazing to me and the shape of their face made metal melt. Like a super heated massive sphere, they influenced me, I drifted closer.

We are all monolithic vases, infinitely shattering and recombining ourselves with bad glue

Find me and them where the summer breeze just overtook spring and is chasing fall. I will be there. I will not miss it.

If you believe you only use 10% of your brain, then maybe you actually do–idiot.

I am floating in space, but every star is her. I still can not breath, I still can not speak, I am always floating towards him, faster and faster, until I am defleshed upon fiery impact

But it’s worth it.