One night, 30th

by fragmentedspeech

I would not know, for night shrouded her figure and I fell in love with a blind eye. Times passed by me and my ears and the years faded and had forgotten her. Long ago a wondrous time, but now ancient and wondered about. I sometimes see through the thin veil and ponder about her now and then. Why must she die now? When will I see her again?

She clung to my arms, like a wrapper on a candy, as the sky clouded  and shrouded the streets with no chance of moonlight. Arms out, pillowcase in hand, we waddled desperately to each lit home. The occasional unlit house intrigued us on a night such as this. One in particular, down the road, on the lake. Huge, but always for sale, it loomed over our small figures. We craved to step inside and hear that first floorboard scream our fates, but alas, we pass.