What goes through your sun

by fragmentedspeech


“So basically the only skeleton I will never see is my own and that is my ultimate depression.

I am literally unable to carry on with this fact. Good bye planet earth, I am launching my husk

into the sun.

truly yours,

Garry J. Twonumber”


Garry’s body flew at literally ten hundred trillion miles per second directly into the sun. Garry passed through the center of the sun, completely removing all muscle and flesh from his skeleton. His flesh was not destroyed. In fact his flesh never even entered the sun in the first place and actually his skin just kinda’ slammed into the outside of the sun and floated away, but that is addressed in the second half of this book. As for his skeleton, well, it soared right through the center of the sun leaving it completely bleached and it did not come out of the other side, but instead squeezed out of his own universe into a zone. Now for Garry, this just meant he was completely gone. He was now a free floating skeleton. He must be given a name. It was presented to him in a “strange-to-you” manor, where in which something from his previous plane of existence (your universe) that was unheard of would be revealed to him, this is customary for newly transient skeletons.

He was presented with a deep inhaling chorus of green echoing voices.

“Which number is funnier, Sixty Two or Seventy Three?”

A loud high pitched blue translucent scream lets out from all directions of the infinite black zone, “Sixty Two”

The blue of the echoes overlap cosmically and speed away in a constant direction forever to always be heard somewhere in some place. The free floating skeleton, now known as Sixty Two, that was just cataloged, sits still, dead pan.