PH of Sixty-Nine Acidic Deaths

by fragmentedspeech

The blue life lives in the blue world and every boat sinks and every wave takes another life, engulfing the universe in solemn blue waves covering all and seeking all and leaving nothing.

    Hot days of working for meager petty change on the black top planes of endless shimmering waves of heat. When you find my body, leave it and best hope you not take my goddamned change. I would bring down my hammer upon your unholy skull.

Lemonade is sold for dimes and the sun is back to reducing black top back to the tar that traps dinosaurs. Walking down the road with my shirt a few degrees from being set aflame, I drop a dime in a Dixie cup.

“Here you go mister”

“Thanks kid”

I gulp the acidic liquid down my throat, it burns and turns my face sour. I refrain from yelling expletives for the sake of the children. I walk off into the sunset shimmering with waves of heat along the megalithic sidewalk slabs.

I turn back to see the children putting large sacks of cash into safes under their stand.

“Hey are you hiring?” I yell jokingly

“No.” They scream

“So be it!”

I continue to walk along the slabs and I hear a faint Bostonian whisper from below me.

“Psst…Hey buddy”

“What? who is there?”

“Down here! In the sewer.”

I look off the sidewalk and see a small rectangular opening to the sewer blocked by bars with small hands grabbing two of them and the same number of small pupils showing through.

“You okay down there pal?”

“Can you help a fellow out?”

“Yeah sure, what you need?”

In that moment I felt his true yearning to be released from this dark dank sewer prison he had been trapped in for several weeks. Even ghoulish slime folk deserve a chance on the surface world as business execs.

“I need you to help me outta here fella!”

“Sure thing!”

    I walk over to the nearest manhole and struggle to grip my stubby finger nails in between the liquid black top and the iron circle. I finally get it after nearly tearing my fingers off and I lift it slowly; It feels like it weighs ninety-six pounds.

I drop down into the sewer and splash as I land into the green slime lining its floor.