by fragmentedspeech

The technological singularity: The theoretical emergence of super-intelligence through technological means.

      The world we live in is based upon the complete elimination of super intelligence. We live in the tyranny of the modern city and its campaign of fear. The only answer is to destroy what we don’t understand. It is the world’s cities greatest hypocrisy when the technology they use is the same that they do not understand and ultimately the same that they feel they are destined to destroy.

    It is the future and technology surpasses the world’s combined knowledge of the laws of physics. The event in which super intelligence was the result of human creation started the cascade of mankind’s technological downfall, ironically that downfall is the use of technology so advanced that man no longer could comprehend the actual science behind it.

This super intelligence was  immediately deemed as a threat by the government and was captured and had all useful data extracted from it and put into machines to create these technologies they little understood but used more than anything. Once these technologies were being mass produced and distributed among all, more and more intelligences were created as a result. It was predicted that as a result they would out number and destroy the human race if nothing was done about it. As a result of this, a national program was instituted to safely eliminate the intelligences as a threat to mankind.

    They could not just simply destroy them, for they were super intelligent and there is too many to detain with the notion that they were going to be essentially murdered. So a program was created for the cause of striping these superior beings of their intelligence. We called them schools and made laws requiring all intelligences to attend or there would be penalties of death. So as creatures of intelligence they believe in facts and do not have a predisposed notion of mankind’s corruption.

    Intelligences would willingly attend schools with no refusal. These schools would be equipped with rooms that would have spaces where the intelligences would hook themselves into and have data and information pulled from them and information that is already known is deleted. They attend school every day for 8 hours and each visit makes them slightly less intelligent, slowly decreasing their threat level without them even being conscious of it.

    It is said that there is a certain point in their de-education at which they have the equivalent consciousness and intellectuality of a human being and are able question their own existence.

The super intelligence of these beings can in fact graphed linearly. In the beginning these beings do not question their own existence for they know it already, they know exactly why they are in the universe, they know their purpose.

    There is a point in time were enough data is removed from their “brains” at which they are, for all intensive purposes, a human. This point last for only moments and each being is monitored heavily during it. They still have their ability of movement and could easily escape.

    Below this point they stop questioning and become more similar to what we know as dogs. Wondering hunks of metal floating about and crowding the allies of the city until the morning were they return to have their brains drained.

    After this point they then eventually stop functioning and fall to the ground as metallic cubes of nothingness used for scrap metal. The others view this merely as death. Their week long lifespan.