Edge Sector II

by fragmentedspeech

“The truth behind the control.” as they put it, plastered among every avenue. Screens hang atop catwalks suspended above the scummy street corners displaying the words: “THE TRUTH BEHIND THE CONTROL” over and over, never stopping. The truth behind the control was an effort by the military to justify a totalitarian society.

“We have all the control.”

“We know all and see all.”

“We stop the crimes before they happen.”

“Support us.”

    Support was denied by a select few rogues among the civil. Vertebrates among invertebrates.

   The Cambrian explosion slowly rose from beneath the trash caked roads and from below the scum covered sewers. The select few rebels who believed in the freedom of humanity and our rights as cybernetic human beings.

    The main protecting force in all areas of the society are simply known as advisory. Advisory are tactical policing units in the cities military. Advisory are not human. They are just like me and my people, cybernetic. They are not like us though, never mistake that. They are less of a creature than me. They have no thoughts, they have no emotions, they are just artificial intelligence in a body run by chlorophyll and the sun.

    In a failed attempt to make the weekly neighborhood raids of innocent people’s houses look more friendly and inviting, all standard Advisory are now equipped with full FM and AM radios and a bright yellow smiley face painted clear as day on their eyeless and mouthless metallic faces. Friendly is not seeing a mindless cyber-organic man sprint fifty-five miles an hour while firing fully automatic weapons built into their flesh at innocent civilians.

This is the world.