3:48AM Scribbles 7/11/13

by fragmentedspeech

at what point did the secrecy behind dinosaur bones fade away and the reality was that you can not travel back and see the beings before us through any conventional means? when did you pick up your trash can and pile of unread news paper articles fall out and scurry away filling the small holes and crevices in your murky damp apartment walls. Did Dracula or the creature from the black lagoon ever knock at your door asking if Frankenstein’s monster was in or the wolf man was in? This world of the crumbly bits and pieces of the brain fall into small little piles that eventually collect into one being and form the basis of life, all life, the stuff that the stars breath, anthrax love, true blue number two, cosmic diligence, love’s triangle. I live in the now-then, I breathe this air most of the time and blink also, waves go in to and out of my ear bones vibrating them like all the sell phones in a subway, sending messages to kin of other means. Angry Fear People Rise from the Cracks causing all paths to be carved from the concrete love wood, creak, creak the floor boards free and uncover the fear which hath ley its self upon ye, turn back young man, turn back old man, turn back, the skeleton wearing sunglasses says as he skateboards away. I will fucking hunt you down furiously with African spears I scream into the subway system at all the suited homunculus, simultaneously all there briefcases open and the tiny pieces of hard candy pour from with in and it is endless, all the mongoloids are embarrassed and flustered as they share their unified secret desires, they find no comfort in others copied desires only embarrassment there own fopa. I like the dragon skin screams from my empty waffle cone, blood sprays from the cashier’s pours to fill my cone, Thank you! Oh no! my boss walked in, reptilian in nature the CEO of Bigidustries is a lizard man, his eyes are actually GREEN! wow! his suit is cleaner than mine and I fumble around and drop my briefcase and my underwear pounce onto his knee caps, I Am So Sorry Mister horrorbreath. MISTER HORROR BREATH WAS LIKE THE OTHER CEO WE HAD BEFORE THE SKELETON KING. OUR FIRST CEO WAS NOT ONE MAN IT WAS THREE SEWER GOBLINS IN A TRENCH COAT WITH A HAT AND GLASSES. HE WAS A GOOD ONE. one, I start with the joke, the fossils of my ancestors are what I use to build all of my structures, two I laugh uncomfortably and as close to his face as I can with no kiss to the forehead, four and three, and five stair into the knees, IO ahve to m go fix a drain I think!