by fragmentedspeech

Sailing along in my ship

Creatures swimming by and about

Sinking now is my ship

Creatures die from this drought

The tale is spoken

Of the ships defeat

Secrets broken

Beneath your feet

And the creatures now dead

Sinking to unknown shelves

Gold turned into lead

And the deaths of ourselves

Caused my whole ship to fall

To places unknown

The downfall of us all

But this I was shown

For told me she had

By the sea’s daughter

That the future was bad

The end of all water

“let it be known

From here all on

You will be shown

Soon the water will be all gone”

I cried and sank

Into the ocean

Grabbing a plank

And with great devotion

I cried out in fear

“give me back my ship and our water”

And on my last tear

Yelled out the sea’s daughter


“there is no more

Nothing for you

Not the seas roar

Or creatures too

For caused by yourself

This great mistake

To the bottom of the shelf

For your own sake”