Of Lantica, On Saturn

by fragmentedspeech


Of Lantica, On Saturn




chores: to set apparent is to make real; to lie forth the gray pale image and bestow the thought of the mind in to life of such you will breath and place to live and to love what is remembered and forgotten.


[on the beach, a marble slab stands alone. The waves crash against the surface of One. The sand too white to capture and clouds to think to allow for any sight of the heavens. A think blue cloud of light covers the vast openness of the Ferminent, what is white is blue what is blue is black.]


Helio: For you and to All on; And to next to after for on for ever; Will no longer envision you to be a body of life, but a being’s body to which non of a life is to be apparent.


Thalo: Helio the Body of mine will live on forever in to this dirt; To correct the being of which place thine Gaia to herself ,thine sky to his, thine rock to its, and for more importance; You—your self Helio; let it set death to your gate and walk narrow through it—narrow.


Helio: A mind will tell you things; many thing—ones body will have not control on ones mind, thou should know this Thalo. For if I are prisoner to a Body of a man then what is to say for my Body or my mind. Are you to say you—Thalo—has’t an overdraw of mine self. I laugh. I surely do look lowly on such an idea so un-appease-able, even as thou hath spoken, by Gaia her self could not fulfill.




Thalo: thou must not forget my brother Helio, for it is not just Gaia—Helio—It is the Ferminent, and even this very rock beneath us, It is all. there is no will in All there is no you,it is singular, thus comparison shall show you are nothing and everything,thus making me all and nothing—thus we cause to equal. Forced to not an overdraw but, who say’th they overdraw first. What happen shall be, and I say first there for I am and it be.


Helio: I do not understand what bond you think you hold upon my Body and the Ferminent and what other lies you conceive from your own Body, but for how isit that I have knowledge of what I do and what I see and what I speak—for-how would you another man be me another man? You are not, same as I am not this slab of stone on which we stand, itis the same as I am not You nor the Sky and nor Her-spoke-of before.


Thalo: why dos’ thou have to be so tightly concealed about what is know in ones mind. You know deep in the depth of your mind you are keeping your self from seeing the truth of what lie before you, this Ocean, this sand, this stone, this world is your, mine,ours,hers,ares—forever and it will not go—unless,that is the chain of Body hath been broken and yours mine ours ones blood will drip and fill to the brim and time and feeling will set a forth in a painful storm of gales,whole oceans will turn to there sides and will come after you, Gaia will cry and shake All, we will be no longer, and it will never stop, ever—so Helio stop, for your sake and my sake, are sake, for All’s sake.




Helio: Why dos’ thou’ make correct and I agree but my body dose not and my mind dose. Thou’ may break my veil but, my body continues I give thine power to stop me—stop me, now Stop—before the ocean comes,Gaia shakes,stop Thalo stop me.


Thalo: be still child and may you be settled. For I am to help you to set right. Now All is well and We are grateful. If it makes one feel better, I will take any thoughts of the mind or body that may be unwanted or dangerous for All.


Helio: All of them take all of Thine, I know now, they are not what is best for All, All should have what is best please, make me Bodiless, Mindless.


Thalo: All is done,Thous body is purged of body and mind of mind.


Helio: Wake up.


Thalo: what dose thou’ speak of?


Helio: be conscious and alive to see what is real.


Thalo: Helio there is no alive in all, all is one. We All live

there is no alive, there is All.


Helio:Wake up.


Thalo: Break it.


Helio: a break is bad.



Thalo:breaks can be bad.


Helio: is this.


Thalo: I don’t know.


Helio:Wake up.


Thalo:Break it.


Helio: do it.


Thalo:there is no meaning in it.


Helio:believe there is and there will be.


Thalo:there is no will in all.


Helio:there is no all, and only will, and you,and me.


Thalo: that is a lie.


Helio:only because you want it to be.


Thalo:but,there is no All.


Helio:only will.


Thalo:Wake up.


Helio:I did.


Helio: now you.


Helio:I did.