autonomous Scribbles Vol. 1

by fragmentedspeech

Have you every tried to build a shrine? How about an alter? A shrine to anything. Plastic, television,dirt,sand,dogs,skull,bones,swamps bogs? No humans allowed as a gernal rule when building shrines. Thats just creepy. There are thousands of kinds of shrines. Shrines that react to the phycial, shrines that reacte to the mental.


Physical shrines useally will ease the builder into mulitple different planes of exsistance. A plane is like a universe with in that univerese ley zones and void. Zones and void make up the two fundamently spaces in a plane. Living, and not living. Of course there are exceptions like th origon of a plane where a void and a zone meet at a single point, this is the void-zone exception. Other exceptions include dead zones and empty zones (there is debate on whether empty zones are just named voids)



Mental shrines useally bring the builder to a mental state of uepohoria or any other emotion or mental state ing the offical mental state rainbow chart of health and wellness.


[image of a rain bow with two colors, black and white, one says insaine and saine with sub categorys under eachone (insaine {euphoria, happiness, love, wonder, love}) (saine {anger, sadness, deprestion, anxiety, hunger, anger})]


lets begin are first hand account of a simple shrine builder named garry (you will be breifed in more deatail as we go on.) garry like all of us started on earth. According to the field guide to shrines earth is the exsact dead center origin of the first plane of exsistence ever created. This plane of exsistance is called “The Universe”. Garry one day found the shrine field guide in his bathroom tolet like all other shrine builders do. He started to read. When garry had became firmiliar with shrines he started to construct. He started safe. He built a simple happiness shrine with a strawberry base. This can be done many ways. Garry took a simple route. Garry collect 4 brinks, one bored of oak wood, 4 candles, a plastic red cup, ¼ pound of dirt, and off course, straw berrys, he started by kneeling down on his living room floor. He took the four briks and placed them into a square pattern about 4 inches apart from eachother. He slowly placeses the oak bored on top of them. Next he gently places the red plastic cup in the dead center of the oak bored (he massured, you should to) he then placed one strawberry into the red plastic cup, then proceed to place a candle on the oak boared right above where the brik was starting on the uper left going couter clock wise he reapeated, placeing a strawberyy in and placeing a candle until four strawberrys where placed in the cup and four candels where placed. He proceeded to sprinkle the 1/4th pound of dirst around the cup and arounf the candles until the cup cup was firmly in place. He lighted the candels starting on the bottem right coing clock wise. His shrine was complete. Now all he had to do was sit and stare. To no suprisse to him he was very happy. Very very happy. The happiesst garry has felt in a very very VERY long time.