by fragmentedspeech


Index of language-


1-Man- In habitats of Earth that are reported as living

2-Earth- The regions of Water and Floating Masses

3-Floating Masses- The planes of earth that Man and Dead walk/crawl/float/slither/ upon









In this world that is called Earth(2) things are different. In the time of prehistory no stories are tolled or recorded and all is what is seen to be. All is not past tense and the past is forgotten and never retold. On earth time is there but it is not used. Earth is broken into three or four or five masses of land floating(3) in water and I think they are attached to a big white shiny sphere that water sticks to I am not sure. The fallowing are how the masses are denoted by Man(1):



Floating Mass One: Origin Station


Two: Cambrian Forest


Three: Beach Desert


Four: Crystal Delta Forest


Five*: Crystal Sea (When Delta is flooded every six moths)




Mass One:




Origin Station is given its name for the simple reason of that it is the origin of Man. The first man arrives from his frozen rectangular prison placed in the face of a rock in a long underground subterranean-way station tunnel. He is pre-equipped with a suit, tie and suitcase all ready with in seconds after he is unfrozen to enter the large train the that travels the tracks made of bones and obsidian. He is walking on the tiled marble ground into the train and it is now leaving. Others unfreeze and the world begins. The Station has all ways been there and Man is not questioning it. They are unfreezing and entering the train and I do not know where it is going, maybe to another Mass.


The tunnel might as well go on forever Man does not care. More are unfreezing and more are dieing. Above the station are planes that man does not walk on. Man is not walking up the stairs leading to the panes. Only the dead are walking up the stairs to the planes. The darkened half burnt green grassy plane appears to go for ever. The skies are colored different depending on the tides of the ocean. Purple is called The Fading and happens when the blood creatures cover the shores of the beach desert. Scattering millions of them selves all over and crawling inland to the other side of the desert back to the ocean and back up into the Cambrian Forest evolving into an upright Manlike shelled crab people as they pass through carrying the purple skies with them selves. It is their blood that dyes the sky purple.


In the planes Only the dead of Man wonder living their jobs. The planes are scattered with uninhabited houses half built. They are far and few in-between. The ever self dismantling ancient ruins of the previous homes used by creatures unknown provide the chalky light-red bricks the dead use to build as they please. Their rotting boards are used as roofs for the dead’s brick homes. The Dead are disfigured and there for are forced by the Earth to place masks over there horribly fucked up faces.

They wear what they can find. Commonly the newly dead will find a home and start to dismantle it brick by brick and in this process find clay pots and put them on their heads and cut holes for their eye balls.