What void?

by fragmentedspeech

“It appeared as nothing had before. Showing its visage almost intentionally unclear. Wanting me not to know. It stands in the door frame of my corridors telling me stories of the birds and how he could rid of them. I tell him “Go away, I know not of these birds. Leave this place. You do not belong.” He continues by vivid description telling me rampantly as if I should what these birds are or mean.“What birds? Where?” He explains their figure in great detail there appearance “small little peaks covered by feathers, there faces flat like, eyes soulless, black, starring, bodies round and plump, vision like no other a starring vision along with that occasional spinning in every direction.” A voice of many I would describe it. He voice only brought blackness to my mind. Hearing it. The sound of what was my crew. I here them speak in unison but it was not what they would ask me but a overcast of echoed dark knowledge no one would understand not even I. What to make use of birds with flattened faces? Hahaha thats cool’