mèchanized dèath/

by fragmentedspeech

I did not really know what would happen. Could it be a struggle? Did I really not want this to happen? My bones. My bone are turning, turning in my body. My brain feels as empty as my skull. I feel like I’m drying up inside and out. Literally. They explained to me I would be fine and the feeling would pass. I did not believe them nor do I now any more than I didn’t before. If anything its less.

They transplanted my body. It might be more accurate to say they transplanted my head. What was calcium was now steel. What was muscle was now rubber. What was skin was now…skin? My “body” was unstable. The metal skeletal structure did not seem to be the right size for what seemed to be skin. The metal and rubber stretching my synthetic epidermis. Appearing as if worms where crawling through my arms and fingers every flex it took some time to get used to.

Every night at 6:32 pm I and all the others where pumped full of a strange purple fluid. Some of the others called it “Dog blood”.

“What do you mean by ‘Dog blood’???” I questioned one of the others.

His reply slurred out of his mouth in a deep Scottish drawl

“Its the condensed blood of a rare spices of gastropod found only at the bottom of the dead sea”

“What, Really???”

“No you idiot. Nobody has a clue as to what the hell the stuff is…all I know is that if you don’t get the shit pumped into you every night at the same exact time…you die” He replied ever so abruptly.

Later that day my entire body was brutally ripped apart after falling in an industrial trash compactor. They could not afford to replace my body. It wasn’t even worth it because my head had been crushed in the compactor causing instant death. I did not really know what would happen. Could it be a struggle? Did I really not want this to happen? When I “awoke” I was more metal than I had ever felt before. The feeling of being made of metal is very funny actually. Due to my lack of some sensory feelings while I was inside the metal cube I had became, my “Brain” had to compensate and decided to make it appear to smell of blood or copper I couldn’t really tell which and all I could feel was a cold flat metallic squeezing.

I don’t know why I’m in here. I guess I’m dead or something.